Silvia Accorrà



Rosso nucleare
Atì Editore, 2008


Vision from the ground, from below. I can see the bare branches and the milk-white sky.
Some men are approaching me carrying cautiously a huge, heavy net.
Their glances are frightened and I know how tense they are, how aggressive.
I can see the tree tops as fissures in the white sky.
The men come close enough to throw the black net on me. They are not soldiers, they are firemen: they wear yellow and green.
They gather the net's ends and carry me away.
I cannot move because the net tightens lifting me up from the cold ground, and I am trapped.
I cannot move also because of my wounds.
My body hurts. I feel like being asleep while they lift me up in their truck.
I know why they have captured me.
Because I have three hearts.
One heart for silence
One for reason
One for flight.

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