Silvia Accorrà



Poet, novelist, photographer.

She has published three anthologies of poetry since 1992, the last in 2007.
A first collection of short stories, Rosso Nucleare per Atì Edizioni, in 2008.
A trilogy of Japanese novels is on its way of publishing:
the first Tokyo Love, has been released in 2014 with Enrico Damiani Editore.
Hikari, the second, has been published with Prospero Editore in 2017.
Between the two, Osmosi, a collection of short stories.

She had a personal photography exhibit in 2006 and another in 2010.

She works mainly as a translator,
and collaborates with the bilingual online literary Magazine Inkroci,
also with short stories and photographs. (link:

She lives in Milan, but her heart is elsewhere.